Midlife Makeover Magic with Makeup & Beauty Expert Alice Atakhanian

Beyond Beauty OwnerIf you want some fabulous ideas on how to do your own, affordable midlife makeover, then you must watch this show! Beauty expert, Alice Atakhanian, offers some unique and affordable tips are really easy to follow.  I visited her at her new salon, Beyond Beauty, in Glendale, California where she turned my plain mid-life crisis worn face into a work of art!

What was even more exciting was Alice’s three makeup must-haves are inexpensive and can be found at most local drugstore chains, like CVS.

Ponds MoisturizerThe first product she used was Pond’s Moisturizer, which I found to be very rich and creamy without being oily or leaving a residue. The second great product to use, was L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara, which I had bought recently to try  and really liked it so it was great to see a true professional uses it.  And lastly, was absolutely my favorite new makeup find – NYX Pencils. I couldn’t believe how easy to apply these eyeliner pencils were, they were firm enough to draw a straight line but soft enough that they didn’t pull on my skin when applied.  Also, the pigments are rich and they come in what seems to be a zillion colors and at about $7.00 each,  they are better than some of the higher priced pencils I’ve used in the past.

Then when you save money on products you use daily, you can put what you’re saving towards some very good makeup brushes, which Alice says are a must, not a splurge.

For more tips and to see my transformation from drab to fab, watch this Life After Kids episode and see why I call Alice, a true makeover magician!

Midlife Beauty with Makeup & Beauty Guru Alice Atakhanian

Alice AtakhanianJoin me today on Life After Kids at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific for beauty and makeup tips from guru, teacher and businesswoman, Alice Atakian. With over 27 years in the biz, she definitely knows beauty and I am lucky to have her as my guest.

So if you want to know how to look trendy without trying to look like your teenager? Or, how to accent your best features and look younger and fresher? Or perhaps, you’re thinking about updating your hairstyle? These and other questions will be answered and if you get your FREE Stickam account you can log in and ask Alice Questions LIVE, so please join us!

Life After 50 Event with Dennis Carpenter

Check out my Life After Kids Web Chat Show with About55 & 24×7 Media Founder, Dennis Carpenter – recorded at the LA Convention Center and the AARP LIfe After 50 Conference:

Homelessness & Kim Kardashian – What’s On My Mind!

Since most of the guests I wanted to book on my weekly Mingle Media TV show Life After Kids TV were out of town, presumably getting in the last of their summer vacation time, I did a solo stint on my weekly show. And as many of you who know me and love me know, I have no problem holding my own in a solo conversation.

So for today’s show, I did an abridged half-hour version of LAK and decided to talk about what was on my mind.  One of the topics that’s becoming nearer and dearer to my heart is the subject of homelessness.  As some of you may already know, I am working with MurphyUSA’s campaign to help homeless advocate, Mark Horvath of Invisible People.  I am writing posts for their consumer-facing site, Cheap Gas Blog weekly  as a way to telling Mark’s story from his Road Trip 2011 and hopefully build an audience of supporters for his cause and others like it.  If you want to know more, please check out their site.

So as I have been watching many of Mark’s reports from the road, you’d have to be cold-blooded not to be affected by the stories of these invisible people.  So, needless to say, watching all the news coverage of Kim Kardashian’s wedding over the top ceremony had put me in a foul mood.  It’s just getting harder and harder for me to watch shameless displays of wealth while to many others in our great United States can barely support themselves or their families and almost 70o,ooo people are homeless today.  Staggering and sobering statistics that continue to climb as our economy falters.  But that’s another topic for another rant.

Perhaps I am being overly sensitive since I have been immersed in the plight of the homeless, but I don’t think so, especially since it’s been reported that most of the six million dollar tab was “donated” by the various vendors for the publicity.  So here’s someone who makes a very lucrative living off her endorsements et al. who’s marrying a well-paid athlete and they could have certainly afforded to pay, but they don’t have to!  Oh the excess of it all, including her Judith Leiber custom purses she gave to her bridesmaids. Leiber’s regular line of clutches retail in from approximately 2 – 4 thousand, God knows how much those kustom krystal klutches cost…or did Ms. Kardashian get those, like many other items from her wedding, “donated” for free?

I don’t think we’ll ever find out and it really is a moot point.  In any event, I think a gesture toward charity would’ve softened the blow of this shameless display of excess.  Even Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton had the good sense to ask that people make donations in lieu of wedding gifts.  I don’t know about you, but that fact made it easier to watch the pomp and circumstance of their nuptials.

What do you think?  Am I off base or right on target?

Why not have a look at the show below and let me know what’s on your mind – whether you agree or disagree – it’s always great to have a conversation about the things we care about! And don’t forget to tune in again next week on Thursday at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the next “Life After Kids” and if you sign up for a FREE Stickam account you can chat with me live!

Thanks and have a great week!




Avoiding the Plastic Surgeon’s Knife & Other Fabulous Things Empty-Nesters Do!

On today’s show, we met my friend Cheryl Hiltzik who’s an empty-nester like moi and who’s making some fabulous changes in her life now that her boys have flown her coop.

What’s more is that we hadn’t seen each other for almost 20 years, so we had a lot to talk about – including Cheryl’s recent transformation via a non-surgical facelift which you can watch on her “Journey to Rejeuvenation” page.  You won’t believe her amazing transformation, plus we get to hear about her life with her fabulous hubby (of 23 years!!!) now that they’re alone again and how she’s working with a non-profits to make the world a better place.

So join us today (and every Thursday) for Life After Kids on MingleMedia.TV 8pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific time and if you get a FREE Stickam account  you can chat with us LIVE and ask a ton of questions!

If you weren’t able to see the show you can watch (in two parts) below:








And here’s Part 2:


BlogHer ’11 Totally Swag-a-licious!

What brands won’t do or giveaway to get bloggers to talk about them! I came back with almost 8 bags of goodies and I go through them for the first time – on my “Life After Kids” Show.

Starting a Yoga Practice – Life After Kids Show 5/19/11

Elinore Cohen doing GarudasanaHow exciting it was to have Elinore Cohen of Urban Lily Yoga take me through some very gentle yet stimulating poses to get my body temple back on track, bad back and all!

If you missed the show, here’s our gift to you…you can replay this show and practice along with us, again and again! But, remember if you are coming back from an injury or have other health concerns, please consult your doctor or other medical care professional!

Happy practicing!

Yoga for Health – with Urban Lily’s Elinore Cohen 5/19/11

Some of you may know that I have been plagued with back problems since a freak accident two years ago. During this time, I have had physical therapy to try to help me heal, but after losing my health insurance, I have not been able to keep up with the prescribed program. Disgusted with feeling fragile and weak, and plagued with more aches and pains, I’ve decided to turn back to Yoga.

As luck would have it, a lovely new studio has opened up in my neighborhood, Urban Lily Yoga. owned by Elinore Cohen, a Yoga teacher extraordinaire with over 20 years experience. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been taking Restorative classes with several different teachers. I’ve enjoyed the quiet pace of this practice, less poses – held longer, which open up and remind my body what stretching and exercise is all about. I’ve been sore but definitely feel better.

However yesterday, I finally got up enough nerve to take my first Yoga Blend 1 class with Owner Elinore. The class, a blend of techniques, was definitely more demanding than the restorative sessions, but I broke a sweat and felt like I was duly twisted and stretched closer to health. Elinore knew about my back situation in advance and during the class, she paid close attention to my practice. She made sure that I was always in the proper alignment to insure I would avoid injury and build core strength. It was not easy for me, as my core is very weak and as such, my balance has been compromised, but her attention to making sure I was doing the poses properly, built my confidence and I believe in time, will build my strength. At the end of the class, I was tired in that good way when you know you’ve had a great work out. As I write this, the next day, I am not as sore as I thought I would be and am looking forward to taking more classes with Elinore and her other fabulous teachers soon.

Want to know more about Yoga and how it can help you get back to health? Tune in to my webcast, Life After Kids at 8p ET/5p PT when Elinore will be my special guest, LIVE from Urban Lily Yoga!

iDoggieBag…Do You? Life After Kids 5/12/11

What does pet food from China, a cat bite and cancer have in common? Today’s guest, Linda Rheinstein, Founder of iDoggieBag.org is going to connect the dots in her compelling story of survival.  Which begins like this:

“Have you had any recent trauma to the right side of your body?” It is September 6, 2007. I sit in an exam room at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, stunned. I have just been told that I have breast cancer. I look at the doctor and answer,  “Yes.”

That was only the beginning of a 5 year journey that Linda will be sharing with me today and she will also  tell us why she testified in front of the Food and Drug Administration just a few weeks ago, what the “Nipper Alert is” and what she hopes to accomplish with her cause!

So if you didn’t tune in tonight here’s another chance to hear Linda’s amazing journey.

Special Replay: Life After Kids From Pourtal Wine Bar 5/8/11

Due to technical difficulties and illness I have not been able to do my show live. Instead, enjoy another viewing of my birthday show from one of my absolute favorite places to sip some vino, Pourtal Wine Bar in Santa Monica, with my special guest, beauty and lifestyle guru, Michael Maron – who just launched his new website and blog: Michael Maron Beauty!

Pourtal Wine Bar, Santa MonicaThanks again to Pourtal’s owner, Steven Abronson for his generous hospitality and for making my birthday and broadcast very special for me, my guests and my audience. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, why not stop by Pourtal – it’s amazing location – one block for the beach and its unique wines make it a must visit…and don’t forget to tell Steve I sent you!

I promise to be back next week with a very special guest, Linda Rheinstein, Founder of iDoggieBag.org. Wait until you hear about her fight to save lives one “doggie bag” at a time…which also includes her fight against cancer!