In the Flow Thank You Liz Strauss!

Woke up later than I wanted to this morning. but I was dog-tired last night.  Every cell in my body ached.  Stress even if it’s good stress  still took its toll.  I was really amped up to be doing yesterday’s Life After Kids live broadcast on location so I needed more winks and a double dose of ibruprofen to recover.

After my morning toilette, I took off north, back to Santa Rosa. On the way there, I thought of how things went yesterday show.  Really great. Oops. I hadn’t done my post-show blog post yet. Not great, but not  sweating it.   It’s officially Day 2 of my Year of Bliss and for the next 364 days and beyond, I am committed to living in a world where’s there are no rules, no right or wrong – just want to be in the flow.

Next a stop at a corner cafe, Jackson’s Bar and Oven on Railroad Square, Santa Rosa for a cup of coffee, a plate of to die for focaccia bread, to write a post and to figure out which of the Sonoma wineries suggested by my pals at Cellars of Sonoma.  So many great wineries – so little time – but excited I will be checking off another item on my Bliss List!

As I savored the moment quiet empowerment I felt about starting this journey in earnest, my mind flashback to a time two years ago, when I first met my dear friend and mentor, Liz Strauss. Though we just met the day before, our bond was solidified over the six hours we spent in a NYC bookstore.  So much transpired in that time but what I remembered most about that glorious day, was how she genuinely cared to listen and offer some amazing ideas.  How blessed I was, CEO’s pay beaucoup bucks for an hour of her time and here I was, for six hours, chatting and going through the shelves  That day she introduced me to a variety of books that she thought would assist me as I searched for goals and meaning to the next chapter of my life.  Radical Leap and Radical Edge by Steven Farber were the two that I read right away and have since given away to others who I felt needed to read them.

One of the other, more fascinating ones was on the concept of optimal psychology,  Flow by  Mihaly Csikszentmihaly.  Forget that one could barely pronounce his name, as I glanced through it didn’t look like an “easy” read and it’s become one of those books gathering dust under my nightstand fraught with good intentions. But now judgment needed anymore because right now, in the flow in a rose-scented cafe in Santa Rosa, I think about that day, two years ago and the rough journey that brought me to now. I realize now I finally am so ready to dive into the book and live my entire life in the flow! Thank you, Liz Strauss for being one of those very special people that have been blessed to meet who have given of themselves so others can be more of themselves.

Add Flow to my Bliss List – check!

Add caffeine & carbs – check!

Start day 2 of the Adventures of a Mid-life, Empty-nested, Baby-boomer – check!

Always in Gratitude for people like Liz who flow into your life – check, check, check…..

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