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On Sunday, August 10th,  “Life After Kids TV” was webcast LIVE from Cellars of Sonoma, a classically decorated and wonderfully welcoming wine tasting room in Santa Rosa, California.   Co-owner, Scott Jordan, was my guest on the program and offered up some really good information  and even better wine during our session.

Swirling your wine glass to add air to the  luscious liquid allows a fuller flavor to come through.  Why is that so important?  Scott explained that although many wines are bottled to drink when bought, some of them will do better with more time in the bottle “to get a perfect finish.”  Its up to you to pour now or wait months to crack open a bottle of your favorite, but aerating the wine will make a huge difference.  A really great way to aerate as you pour is to use this great tool, a Vinturi Wine Aerator.  I purchased mine at a wine festival over a year ago and use it faithfully.  It really takes an okay wine to a new level of enjoyability every time.  So if you don’t have one,  you can click on the link above to purchase.

Happy Pouring -Salud!

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