On Censoring Craigslist

I have been traveling a lot lately and not as up on current events as I’d like but when I heard the news about CRAIGSLIST being forced to shut down its adult services area, it made my skin crawl. WTF is wrong with us? We Americans seemingly continue to abdicate personal responsibilities and feel entitled to blame others, entities, the internet for our troubles. We’ve become a sue-happy nation, looking for a quick buck, where we should have admitted, “it was just an unfortunate accident.” Ever since the first frivolous (in my humble opinion) McDonald’s hot coffee case , we see more and more new and different ways, “we” want to blame the system for our ills. In the case of prostitution (the world’s oldest profession) and human trafficking and everything in between, has gone on long before Craigslist had an Adult Services section and will go on long after we are all gone. This is a problem for which law enforcement, parents, education have got to find their way. Craigslist and other media and advertising outlets cannot be held accounted for those who want to partake in sexual services between consenting adults or the sick group of individuals who will find a way to continue their evil-doing (in the case of human trafficking).

Just like the brouhaha over the Ground Zero Mosque, if we forget we have a Constitution that grants us freedom of speech and the press, and if we move to stifle these freedoms and free-enterprise (which our politicians perpetuate with self-interests and cozying up to lobbyist) then we are lost. Will the Village Voice or N.Y. Times be next? Do you think they will have to give up their ads for “massage” therapists and sex partners or maybe those of erectile dysfunction, don’t think so!

As the mother of two children, it sickens me what goes on in this world and the deviant behavior that continues unabated. I do not condone the actions of the few. But being aware of such dangers, I used to drill into my children, do not talk to strangers, do not talk to strangers in parked cars, scream loud if someone touches you in appropriately, wait for the green before crossing the street, ad nauseum. We parents try to shield our kids from things and protect them from harm, it’s part of our job. But from time to time, horrible, disgusting and unthinkable sh*t happens, we hear it on the news or maybe it’s happened to people close to us. We feel helpless and angry when we cannot protect our babies, but mandating a site take down a “service” is NOT the answer. Censorship is NOT the answer. Frankly, if all the sexual service providers and those needing an outlet for their deviant sexual urges can find each other, perhaps they just might leave our children alone. It’s already been shown that America probably has the largest problem with sexual crimes even though we have the most prudish standards and most stringent regulations in regards to sexual practices and censorship.

A friend of mine has done a lot of research on the subject of sexual abuse and human trafficking and she explained how the biggest group of perpetuators of human-trafficking, come from highly religious communities (read: churches) and this behavior is known by many, tolerated by more and it continues out of control! She has interviewed women who were abducted and taken across state lines, to fill a specific request, i.e. “need an 8 year-old redhead.” She also went on to say that because the church is so powerful, it appears that it will be almost impossible to stop this. Do you think there are those who would step-up to this enormous challenge to take on “good God-fearing” church goers who bugger young children and shut down churches. Do you think this would ever happen? We already know how that went with the revelations of priest child-abuse.

Unfortunately, to be free, we must take the bad with the good and work harder to find ways to rid ourselves of the spoilers of our freedoms. This is not a new dilemma facing us as a society, but rising trend of taking away the freedoms of others in the name of “righteousness” or to prevent a crime while making the advertiser responsible for this crime in advance of it’s commission, is a trend that is going in a wrong and very dangerous direction and could impact the denial of other Constitution freedoms!

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At this writing Craigslist is fighting back, read the latest in the Wall Street Journal on their plight.


  1. 1st Amendment rights don’t guarantee a censorship-free America. Offensive content, people etc have always been censored. Some argue that Americans brag about a lot freedoms they don’t have or protect.
    I say there’s a line and it’s more about how we feel as we and others cross over it.
    We go a little further with each generation, where we’ll stop nobody knows. “Adult content” is still in no man’s land.

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