Life After Kids TV – Going Green with Chevy Volt

With gasoline prices going through the roof, not only am a I mad as hell and don’t want to take it anymore but  I have been seriously looking into alternatives to cars that do not rely on gasoline.  Living in Southern California, like many other places around the country, we are suffer with the lack of a well-connected and therefore underutilized public transportation system.

I would welcome in a heartbeat, the opportunity to abandon my automobile  to get me where I need to go.  As a New Yorker, I grew up using public transportation and it was efficient and economical. But now as along-time resident of SoCal, I often wax nostalgic about those times when I could  hop a bus or train, sit in traffic for an hour all the while catching up on my reading or writing.  I long for the days without hefty insurance premiums and fill-ups that cost less than the GNP of a small nation. But that day looks like it may not ever come, so instead I am in the market for the next best thing – a really good green machine and Chevy Volt may be the one.

For most Prius has been the sweetheart story of those who those who want to drive green.  However, I had heard that Chevrolet was planning the Volt for almost 5 years and want  to enter this market with marketplace with a big bang.  From what I have been reading,  Chevy seem to have gotten it right with it’s Volt.  On paper it appears to hit all the right notes with consumers — with its longer driving distance, family-sized styling and leather seats among its many selling points plus another great one – it’s made in America.  How refreshing…it’s made in America!

Okay I am going off on a rant again, but with our economy in the sh*tter, I think it’s incumbent upon us to support American companies that are keeping America working.  The car industry and Chevrolet are part of the fabric of our history and growth and the fact that they have committed themselves to creating a vehicle that are conserves energy, while preserving our environment is making me a fan before I even get behind the wheel.

Okay I am done.  How about a rave?  Will it live up to the hype? Well I want to know…is it a good car?  .  How does it handle? How do I feel behind the wheel?  How will I look driving it?   Inquiring minds, like moi, want to know!

On tonight’s “Life After Kids” all these answers and more will be revealed.

Also, before you think, Chevrolet is paying me to write this, I assure you they are not.   But what they are doing is giving me access to drive one of the dozen or so Chevy Volts lining the streets outside the Austin Convention Center while I am here attending South by Southwest (Chevy is one of the main sponsors of the conference).   How cool is that?  Not only do I get to see if they truly put their money where their car is and assess its drivability, comfort and features, I am going to do my show LIVE from inside a Chevy Volt joined by Rob Peterson from Chevrolet.  Way Cool.

So please tune in tonight at 8 pm E / 7pm C or 5 pm Pacific for this very special edition of “Life After Kids” LIVE from Austin Texas.  See you then!

More about the Volt from Chevrolet’s own website:

  • 2011 North American Car of the Year
  • Motor Trend 2011 Car of the Year
  • Green Car Journal 2011 Green Car of the Year
  • Car and Driver 10 Best for 2011
  • Ward’s AutoWorld 10 Best Engines for 2011
  • AUTOMOBILE Magazine 2011 Automobile of the Year
  • 2010 Breakthrough Technology, by Popular Mechanics

The Volt is an electric vehicle that offers a total driving range of up to 379 miles, based on EPA estimates. For the first 35 miles, the Volt can drive gas- and tailpipe-emissions-free using a full charge of electricity stored in its 16-kWh lithium-ion battery. When the Volt’s battery runs low, a gas-powered engine/generator seamlessly operates to extend the driving range another 344 miles on a full tank.


  1. Totally agree and proud of Chevy’s rebound and innovation!

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