My Birthday Party Edition of Life After Kids – 4/14/11

Life After Kids TVToday’s my birthday. Wow. Another year gone by so fast. Time to reflect…but not tonight.

Tonight we are going to party like it was 1999 and I am going to do my show from my new favorite hangout, Pourtal Wine Bar in Santa Monica. The show is at a special time to accomodate the party- at 10pm ET and 7pm PT and a special thanks to my MingleMediaTV sisters, Gabbin’ with the Gals – Nan and Erin for swapping times with moi so I could drink some kick-ass wine while entertaining my friends AND doing my show.

A woman’s multi-tasking is never done.

Will you be joining me IRL or online?

Either way – it’s time to celebrate another year on this planet, my reasonably good health, and a life worth living.

I am following my bliss…are you?

What a great time we had with so many surprises…. have a look!

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