BlogHer ’11 Totally Swag-a-licious!

What brands won’t do or giveaway to get bloggers to talk about them! I came back with almost 8 bags of goodies and I go through them for the first time – on my “Life After Kids” Show.


  1. Marla Schulman says:

    It was my first one, so naturally I was intrigued, but I didn’t take half as much as was offered…loved meeting the other women and the brands. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. funny! I was at blogher as well.  It was my first swag experience.  My approach was somewhat different in that I took a very small amount.  It’s fun to see your POV.  JMM

  3. Marla Schulman says:

    You don’t have to…there were some male bloggers and of course the brands had many men so while you might stick out a bit, you wouldn’t be the only one!

  4. Sterling Ledet says:

    That’s it. Next time, I’m going, even if I have to go in drag.

  5. Wow! Super Duper sWAg-A-liCiOuS!!!!!!

  6. Wow! sWAg-A-liCiOuS!!!!!!

  7. Marla Schulman says:

    Women bloggers definitely know how to “throw” a conference…perhaps next year and thanks for stopping by!

  8. BlogHer sounded like so much fun and great swag. I wish I could have made it!

  9. Marla Schulman says:

    Thanks my friend for believing in me and helping me get my stories out there!

  10. Marla Schulman says:

    I only took what I could use…there was so much more if you can believe it!

  11. Marla Schulman says:

    Yes you do my friend :D Thanks for stopping by!

  12. I just need to follow you around to events like I follow you around in social media!

  13. AMAZING Swag Marla! I’m super bummed that I got bronchitis and couldn’t make it to BlogHer. Thanks for the video, now I have a good idea of what to expect next year ;) I’m also glad to see that the beauty industry had a presence. 

  14. Marla – you do a great job of adding your web show to your blog to make it easy to find and for brand building – I wish more people would learn how to cross promote their content as well as you do…And I wish I was a blogger to go hang out with you all – but glad you’re representing us at these events!! XOX Stephanie

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