Avoiding the Plastic Surgeon’s Knife & Other Fabulous Things Empty-Nesters Do!

On today’s show, we met my friend Cheryl Hiltzik who’s an empty-nester like moi and who’s making some fabulous changes in her life now that her boys have flown her coop.

What’s more is that we hadn’t seen each other for almost 20 years, so we had a lot to talk about – including Cheryl’s recent transformation via a non-surgical facelift which you can watch on her “Journey to Rejeuvenation” page.  You won’t believe her amazing transformation, plus we get to hear about her life with her fabulous hubby (of 23 years!!!) now that they’re alone again and how she’s working with a non-profits to make the world a better place.

So join us today (and every Thursday) for Life After Kids on MingleMedia.TV 8pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific time and if you get a FREE Stickam account  you can chat with us LIVE and ask a ton of questions!

If you weren’t able to see the show you can watch (in two parts) below:








And here’s Part 2:



  1. Excellent show!!!! :)

  2. Plastic surgery alternatives are the best. . :) Another great show Marla!

  3. Wonderful! You are doing such a great job with your show Marla!

  4. I like ‘Journey’s to Rejuvenation’ ;-)) 

  5. Marla Schulman says:

    Thanks Debra…need to have you back soon!

  6. What fun! Thanks for the fabulous show!

  7. Very cool! Thanks for sharing your catchup session!

  8. Marla Schulman says:

    Thanks Dennis…appreciate the words of encouragement as always!

  9. Marla Schulman says:

    Truly and Cheryl was an awesome guest…she’ll be back!

  10. Marla Schulman says:

    Enjoy your time … it goes by way too fast!

  11. Great job, enjoyed the show, and don’t worry, you always look great!

  12. Saw this show – amazing transformation!

  13. Sterling Ledet says:

    My youngest just turned 9 this month. I bought him a GoPro video camera for his birthday and he’s officially joining the YouTube generation. I know my time is coming though. I’ll be an Empty Nester (after 4 boys) soon enough.

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