Homelessness & Kim Kardashian – What’s On My Mind!

Since most of the guests I wanted to book on my weekly Mingle Media TV show Life After Kids TV were out of town, presumably getting in the last of their summer vacation time, I did a solo stint on my weekly show. And as many of you who know me and love me know, I have no problem holding my own in a solo conversation.

So for today’s show, I did an abridged half-hour version of LAK and decided to talk about what was on my mind.  One of the topics that’s becoming nearer and dearer to my heart is the subject of homelessness.  As some of you may already know, I am working with MurphyUSA’s campaign to help homeless advocate, Mark Horvath of Invisible People.  I am writing posts for their consumer-facing site, Cheap Gas Blog weekly  as a way to telling Mark’s story from his Road Trip 2011 and hopefully build an audience of supporters for his cause and others like it.  If you want to know more, please check out their site.

So as I have been watching many of Mark’s reports from the road, you’d have to be cold-blooded not to be affected by the stories of these invisible people.  So, needless to say, watching all the news coverage of Kim Kardashian’s wedding over the top ceremony had put me in a foul mood.  It’s just getting harder and harder for me to watch shameless displays of wealth while to many others in our great United States can barely support themselves or their families and almost 70o,ooo people are homeless today.  Staggering and sobering statistics that continue to climb as our economy falters.  But that’s another topic for another rant.

Perhaps I am being overly sensitive since I have been immersed in the plight of the homeless, but I don’t think so, especially since it’s been reported that most of the six million dollar tab was “donated” by the various vendors for the publicity.  So here’s someone who makes a very lucrative living off her endorsements et al. who’s marrying a well-paid athlete and they could have certainly afforded to pay, but they don’t have to!  Oh the excess of it all, including her Judith Leiber custom purses she gave to her bridesmaids. Leiber’s regular line of clutches retail in from approximately 2 – 4 thousand, God knows how much those kustom krystal klutches cost…or did Ms. Kardashian get those, like many other items from her wedding, “donated” for free?

I don’t think we’ll ever find out and it really is a moot point.  In any event, I think a gesture toward charity would’ve softened the blow of this shameless display of excess.  Even Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton had the good sense to ask that people make donations in lieu of wedding gifts.  I don’t know about you, but that fact made it easier to watch the pomp and circumstance of their nuptials.

What do you think?  Am I off base or right on target?

Why not have a look at the show below and let me know what’s on your mind – whether you agree or disagree – it’s always great to have a conversation about the things we care about! And don’t forget to tune in again next week on Thursday at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the next “Life After Kids” and if you sign up for a FREE Stickam account you can chat with me live!

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  1. Haley Adams says:

    I so agree, Marla. Homelessness one of the country’s saddest society problems and here are these people who show off their wealth in public. I just hope this will be resolved soon. I support your advocacy. Great job!
    Haley Adams recently posted..Certa Law Group

  2. I did not know about the items being donated. I watched parts of it thinking who needs THREE wedding dresses from Vera Wang. Isn’t one enough? I guess it shows the character of TLC and of the entire K family to accept and promote all of it. Being tight on funds myself and making my own laundry detergent to save a few bucks it just all makes me sick. I really hope (and have a feeling they didn’t) that the family took the money they would have spent on that wedding and donated it to a charity or two.

  3. Enjoy your adoration for homelessness. Dealing with any area where someone is
    less fortunate and not capable of getting teh assistance needed to go above
    circumstances is difficult about the mind and soul. It makes you search your
    surroundings and look at life wondering why you see such things as the Kim
    Kardashian wedding knowing within any 50 mile radius there’s someone hungry and
    without a place a stay.
    Lori recently posted..How to Make Him Fall in Love With You

  4. Marla Schulman says:

    Thanks Deb for helping support Mark and to get the word out…

  5. Marla Schulman says:

    So true Dennis…if we ALL gave back even just a little. What a wonderful world this would be…as the song goes!

  6. Marla Schulman says:

    Ya think? Will it ever end?

  7. Marla Schulman says:

    That is true, with corporations cutting back, the working class is being thrust into homelessness in record numbers…it’s got to stop …somehow…

  8. Marla Schulman says:

    Totally, it is so frustrating…thank you for sharing!

  9. Marla Schulman says:

    Yes!!! And continue to spread the word about all people whether famous or not who do good! Thank you for your kind comments.

  10. Marla Schulman says:

    Thank you for stopping by to read!

  11. Marla Schulman says:

    Eccentric ? or Spoiled ?

  12. Marla Schulman says:

    Thank you Karla for stopping by…yes, the Royal Couple designated some of their favorite charities and most recently donated a tricked-out Range Rover to a search and rescue organization. That’s class in my humble opinion. Thank you for letting me know about Forsaken Generation and hopefully you will also have a look at InvisiblePeople.TV and what I have been writing for MurphyUSA’s CheapGasBlog.com on the work of Mark Horvath.

  13. Hi Marla, I had no idea that the royal couple chose to have guests do donations rather than wedding gifts, I think that is pretty impressive. I am a huge supporter of a charity called Forsaken Generation (they help homeless children and fight against child prostitution), and I donate my time every chance I get in order to support them. Talking about our favorite charities helps get the word out and sometimes that is helpful in itself http://www.facebook.com/forsakengeneration.

  14. Marla Schulman says:

    Thank you for your comment…having come from TV biz, the evolution of Reality TV started with executives trying to find cheaper ways to do TV, and obviously fueled our obsession with celebrity culture. Or maybe the other way around…so I guess there’s no real answer and no you are NOT a bad person…;D

  15. I totally agree with your view on the extravagance of the KK wedding and I don’t think you are out of line being angered so many items were donated to someone who can well afford to purchase items when there are so many going hungry! That being said, (and not that I agree with the fairness) if it weren’t for people watching reality shows giving people like KK the spotlight the issue wouldn’t be as much of an issue because she wouldn’t even BE a celebrity.  I know I’m only 1 person, but I go out of my way NOT to watch non-celebrities like the KKs, PHs, and other reality star celebrity wann-bes.  Does that make ME a bad person?

  16. Well said! I always thought that too much money can make anyone a little eccentric 

  17. Love your passion for homelessness, Marla. I grew up very lower-class and definitely have a sympathy for those in that realm, who do work hard yet aren’t able to have their ends met. Stacey makes a great point that those who do good are never given as much spotlight as those who do idiotic things. It’s so unfortunate.

  18. I get not liking people that are famous for being famous, while at the same time, if nobody watched, they wouldn’t have their ‘reality’ shows. This probably goes to the ‘500 channels and nothing to watch’ phenomenon that we were warned about a lifetime ago. You do bring up some interesting points to ponder.  If I write anymore, I’d have to create my own blog post ;)

  19. Marla, dealing with any area where someone is less fortunate and not able to get teh assistance needed to rise above circumstances is hard on the mind and soul. It causes you to search your surroundings and look at life wondering why you see things like the Kim Kardashian wedding knowing within any 50 mile radius there is someone hungry and without a place a stay. you are human to make these correlations and both of us can only wish we had the financial resources like the Kardashians. If I had the financial wealth I would be capable of doing much more than I am now and proud to do it without looking for a spotlight. The majority of good-hearted people are only a step or two away from being homeless too! I think about this often.The best thing you can do is precisely what you are already doing: use your voice and resources to highlight people making a difference beyond donating money. My talks with homeless people educated me that they may live on the street and need food/shelter but eye contact, respect and being treated as human is worth more than free food or money. You are helping Mark and Mark is helping us all see that human side which is more valuable than dropping money in a cup. Rock on!

  20. Interesting point of view, thanks for sharing.

  21. Celebrities that do good are never given the spotlight they deserve…for that matter people in GENERAL who do good aren’t given the spotlight they deserve. That is why it’s great that people like Mark are getting their due respect. -xo

  22. I think that we should continue to celebrate those who use their public image to do good in the world, and hope that some day those who have money will learn to use it for good, and not just for themselves!

  23. Well said Marla, and very true. It is very evident that so many with money have not learned yet how to “live” with money! They think it is about them, and are really not thankful at all for their blessings. They feel they are entitled to extravagance.

  24. Good point – and today KK just bought a $500K car… something seriously is wrong with some people and their lifestyle being admired by the American public. Remember a few months back the kardashians sponsored a pre-paid visa card that cost you $99 to get so you could carry something with their likeness on. WTF? We have lost our minds people!!

  25. Homelessness is an issue that can affect anyone. It is not just those who are on a path of self destruction. Thanks for helping bring this into the light.

  26. I totally agree, this is not the economic climate to be so extravagant.  It hurts those of us who are struggling, and care about people in need.

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