Rules of Netiquette – How to Mind Your Manners on the Web with Julie Spira – Life After Kids 4/21/11

Very excited to welcome author and entrepreneur, Julie Spira to Life After Kids Thursday April 21, 2011 at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT to talk about her second book, The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web, which focuses on both the personal and business sides of social networking. Join us LIVE (don’t forget to get your FREE Stickam account to chat with us about the best Internet etiquette tips for using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, and more.


More About Julie:

In 2008, Julie wrote her first book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic looking for Love Online, which became a bestseller on it’s launch date. Inspired when her fiance ended their engagement in an email, Julie wrote about The Rules of Netiquette and decided it was time to put some lessons on the table.

Please Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances the replay of this show is not available ;( – I promise to have Julie on again really soon!

Julie has been quoted and featured in/on ABC News, BBC, CBS, CNET, Cosmo Radio, Glamour, Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, The New York Times, PC World, WIRED, Woman’s Day, Your Tango, and Zoosk with her social networking, relationship and netiquette advice. Julie writes about the marriage of love and technology on The Huffington Post.

LAKTV – 3/31/11 Why Go Green & How?

On today’s show meet the “Pure Natural Diva,” Tania Reuben, who is overflowing with great information about why we should go green and how we can do it simply and economically. For those of us in mid-life, it’s never too late to make changes in our habits that will help us be healthier and live more “responsible” lives.

From cleaning supplies, to personal products and the food we eat, Tania will be offering us great solutions for everyday products and tell us what toxins we need to avoid as well as some common sense inspiration to help you make the switch – one day at a time.

For the recipes shown on today’s show, subscribe to her newsletter and to join the her Pure Natural Diva Community click on the link!

Life After Kids TV – Going Green with Chevy Volt

With gasoline prices going through the roof, not only am a I mad as hell and don’t want to take it anymore but  I have been seriously looking into alternatives to cars that do not rely on gasoline.  Living in Southern California, like many other places around the country, we are suffer with the lack of a well-connected and therefore underutilized public transportation system.

I would welcome in a heartbeat, the opportunity to abandon my automobile  to get me where I need to go.  As a New Yorker, I grew up using public transportation and it was efficient and economical. But now as along-time resident of SoCal, I often wax nostalgic about those times when I could  hop a bus or train, sit in traffic for an hour all the while catching up on my reading or writing.  I long for the days without hefty insurance premiums and fill-ups that cost less than the GNP of a small nation. But that day looks like it may not ever come, so instead I am in the market for the next best thing – a really good green machine and Chevy Volt may be the one.

For most Prius has been the sweetheart story of those who those who want to drive green.  However, I had heard that Chevrolet was planning the Volt for almost 5 years and want  to enter this market with marketplace with a big bang.  From what I have been reading,  Chevy seem to have gotten it right with it’s Volt.  On paper it appears to hit all the right notes with consumers — with its longer driving distance, family-sized styling and leather seats among its many selling points plus another great one – it’s made in America.  How refreshing…it’s made in America!

Okay I am going off on a rant again, but with our economy in the sh*tter, I think it’s incumbent upon us to support American companies that are keeping America working.  The car industry and Chevrolet are part of the fabric of our history and growth and the fact that they have committed themselves to creating a vehicle that are conserves energy, while preserving our environment is making me a fan before I even get behind the wheel.

Okay I am done.  How about a rave?  Will it live up to the hype? Well I want to know…is it a good car?  .  How does it handle? How do I feel behind the wheel?  How will I look driving it?   Inquiring minds, like moi, want to know!

On tonight’s “Life After Kids” all these answers and more will be revealed.

Also, before you think, Chevrolet is paying me to write this, I assure you they are not.   But what they are doing is giving me access to drive one of the dozen or so Chevy Volts lining the streets outside the Austin Convention Center while I am here attending South by Southwest (Chevy is one of the main sponsors of the conference).   How cool is that?  Not only do I get to see if they truly put their money where their car is and assess its drivability, comfort and features, I am going to do my show LIVE from inside a Chevy Volt joined by Rob Peterson from Chevrolet.  Way Cool.

So please tune in tonight at 8 pm E / 7pm C or 5 pm Pacific for this very special edition of “Life After Kids” LIVE from Austin Texas.  See you then!

More about the Volt from Chevrolet’s own website:

  • 2011 North American Car of the Year
  • Motor Trend 2011 Car of the Year
  • Green Car Journal 2011 Green Car of the Year
  • Car and Driver 10 Best for 2011
  • Ward’s AutoWorld 10 Best Engines for 2011
  • AUTOMOBILE Magazine 2011 Automobile of the Year
  • 2010 Breakthrough Technology, by Popular Mechanics

The Volt is an electric vehicle that offers a total driving range of up to 379 miles, based on EPA estimates. For the first 35 miles, the Volt can drive gas- and tailpipe-emissions-free using a full charge of electricity stored in its 16-kWh lithium-ion battery. When the Volt’s battery runs low, a gas-powered engine/generator seamlessly operates to extend the driving range another 344 miles on a full tank.

On Censoring Craigslist

I have been traveling a lot lately and not as up on current events as I’d like but when I heard the news about CRAIGSLIST being forced to shut down its adult services area, it made my skin crawl. WTF is wrong with us? We Americans seemingly continue to abdicate personal responsibilities and feel entitled to blame others, entities, the internet for our troubles. We’ve become a sue-happy nation, looking for a quick buck, where we should have admitted, “it was just an unfortunate accident.” Ever since the first frivolous (in my humble opinion) McDonald’s hot coffee case , we see more and more new and different ways, “we” want to blame the system for our ills. In the case of prostitution (the world’s oldest profession) and human trafficking and everything in between, has gone on long before Craigslist had an Adult Services section and will go on long after we are all gone. This is a problem for which law enforcement, parents, education have got to find their way. Craigslist and other media and advertising outlets cannot be held accounted for those who want to partake in sexual services between consenting adults or the sick group of individuals who will find a way to continue their evil-doing (in the case of human trafficking).

Just like the brouhaha over the Ground Zero Mosque, if we forget we have a Constitution that grants us freedom of speech and the press, and if we move to stifle these freedoms and free-enterprise (which our politicians perpetuate with self-interests and cozying up to lobbyist) then we are lost. Will the Village Voice or N.Y. Times be next? Do you think they will have to give up their ads for “massage” therapists and sex partners or maybe those of erectile dysfunction, don’t think so!

As the mother of two children, it sickens me what goes on in this world and the deviant behavior that continues unabated. I do not condone the actions of the few. But being aware of such dangers, I used to drill into my children, do not talk to strangers, do not talk to strangers in parked cars, scream loud if someone touches you in appropriately, wait for the green before crossing the street, ad nauseum. We parents try to shield our kids from things and protect them from harm, it’s part of our job. But from time to time, horrible, disgusting and unthinkable sh*t happens, we hear it on the news or maybe it’s happened to people close to us. We feel helpless and angry when we cannot protect our babies, but mandating a site take down a “service” is NOT the answer. Censorship is NOT the answer. Frankly, if all the sexual service providers and those needing an outlet for their deviant sexual urges can find each other, perhaps they just might leave our children alone. It’s already been shown that America probably has the largest problem with sexual crimes even though we have the most prudish standards and most stringent regulations in regards to sexual practices and censorship.

A friend of mine has done a lot of research on the subject of sexual abuse and human trafficking and she explained how the biggest group of perpetuators of human-trafficking, come from highly religious communities (read: churches) and this behavior is known by many, tolerated by more and it continues out of control! She has interviewed women who were abducted and taken across state lines, to fill a specific request, i.e. “need an 8 year-old redhead.” She also went on to say that because the church is so powerful, it appears that it will be almost impossible to stop this. Do you think there are those who would step-up to this enormous challenge to take on “good God-fearing” church goers who bugger young children and shut down churches. Do you think this would ever happen? We already know how that went with the revelations of priest child-abuse.

Unfortunately, to be free, we must take the bad with the good and work harder to find ways to rid ourselves of the spoilers of our freedoms. This is not a new dilemma facing us as a society, but rising trend of taking away the freedoms of others in the name of “righteousness” or to prevent a crime while making the advertiser responsible for this crime in advance of it’s commission, is a trend that is going in a wrong and very dangerous direction and could impact the denial of other Constitution freedoms!

What say YOU?


At this writing Craigslist is fighting back, read the latest in the Wall Street Journal on their plight.

Emptying The Nest or the Re-Organization of Marla

Marla's Messy OfficeSomehow I got my dates mixed up, and thought Mercury was going into retrograde today, though I should have known my bestie, Zoe Moon, and THE best astrologer I have ever met EVER, would have sent up the smoke signals to let me know.  So, working on that assumption, I decided to re-organize my office which has been in a total state of disarray since it was primarily being used to house my foster pups and boxes of papers, files, books, magazines, old batteries, power cords, cell phones – all waiting to be recycled, photographs waiting to be put in albums, business cards waiting to be scanned in, and office supplies I keep buying because I can’t find the ones I bought the last time I couldn’t find them.

Okay, I admit, I have a problem with throwing things out – probably because my dad was a depression baby and he saved everything for a rainy day – I learned to hang on to every thing cause you never know when I am going to need that little piece from the thing-a-ma-whatcha that I can’t find now, but I will some day.

I hate living like this, but I do and I don’t do anything about it until Mercury is in Retrograde, when I would then tear apart my drawers, my office, my garage and make some headway….but there was always that few boxes of stuff that I could never part with that has gone from move to move to move to room to garage to closet.  You get the picture.  I am not a hoarder by any means, but I just feel comfort knowing I have my stuff there for a rainy day. In fairness to myself, my back injury did not allow for any physical activity and I was able to hire a local handyman to handle some things for a while, but he can’t got through boxes and files, and I wasn’t able bodied enough to do it.

But my back isn’t getting better, but it’s not getting worse and the time has come to really empty out my nest, and let go of whatever it is that I am holding onto…to clean out my closets, garage, files and life of those things that I really don’t need anymore….

What don’t you need anymore and how are you going to handle it ???

Let’s talk about this tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT on LifeAfterKidsTV!

Wine Tasting at Cellars of Sonoma – Life After Kids TV – 8/5/10

On this episode of Life After Kids TV Join the mid-life adventures of empty-nested, baby-boomer, Marla Schulman, as she hits the road to Northern California wine country to start ticking off items on her bliss List! Live from Cellars of Sonoma tasting room on Santa Rosa with owners, Scott Jordan and Mike Westerberg!

The Look of Love

Like many others I was eagerly anticipating the first photos from Chelsea Clinton’s marriage to Marc Mezvinsky that took place yesterday.  After all, the marriage of a President’s daughter is the closest thing we have to American royalty. We all wanted to know the details – well at least I did. Did she wear Vera Wang as was rumored? Yes she did and it was stunning confection of a dress. Would they be married by a Rabbi, Minister or both? Both – very PC and to me proof of a very healthy start of a inter-faith relationship. Did the father of the bride, former President Clinton and mother of the bride Secretary of State Clinton shed tears? Haven’t heard about that yet, but both of them looked fabulous and were beaming in the photos

The New York Times link has a slide show of more photos than I thought we would get, so most of my curiosity was satisfied, but more than that the photos also revealed something else so stunningly. Chelsea and Marc are totally, unequivocably, most besottedly in love. It radiates millions of watts on their faces and in their body language and frankly, for the first time in a long time, I am feeling a bit envious of not having that feeling for another in my life at the moment. I also frankly wondered, at this stage in my life, would I ever feel that way about a partner/significant other/boyfriend or whatever the proper term would fit for an object of my affections. Would someone ever feel that way about me or look at me that way again at this stage of my life. I am not trolling for sympathy, I just wonder with all the life experiences behind us, is the “look of love” a fantasy at this stage of the game?

I would love to know what you think?

Are You Giving It Away For Free?

If you don’t know “Mommy Blogger” Jessica Gottlieb, you should.  She is one of the funniest and feistiest people I’ve met on the social media scene,  IRL (in real life) and if not the planet. Her blog and vlog posts, whether sweet but mostly sassy, are always insightful, intelligent and make you think or question the status quo.  I hate the status quo which is why I admire and respect her beyond words.  She never is afraid to speak her mind – for or against what she believes – a trait unfortunately not shared by many in today’s world.  After all, she’s the original the Motrin Mom and she is a true warrior for justice!

But back to the subject at hand – why am I especially praising Jessica today above all days? Well, I just watched her latest YouTube vlog and as expected she’s taking sharp aim at her subject.  What made this one different was that she’s not slinging arrows at some big brand or corporate malfeasance, she’s taking sharp aim at her fellow brothers and sisters of the blog.  “Why are Bloggers Bankrupt?,”  she asks. “They need to stop being sluts and giving away their content for free!” My interpretation and choice of words!

Those words hit my ears like manna from heaven.  For the past 20 plus years, I was paid handsomely for my writing and producing skills and would never have thought to give my work away for free.  How would I pay my rent, feed my kids, support my shoe addiction?  A huge television empire was built on the work I and others did for it but we were paid.  That TV empire (that shall remain nameless) continues to grow bigger off the blood, sweat and tears of its anorexically downsized workforce while many of its formerly loyal employees are waiting to see if they can continue to get unemployment benefits continued.  But that’s another rant for another time.  My point is none of us ever gave it away for free.

My blog began as a hobby, an outlet to write more personal stories and about things that mattered to me. My day job was spent writing short pithy on-air promos and advertising copy – my blog was my chance to not only write more than thirty seconds of copy- but maybe give back something to the world. Frankly back then, I had no idea that people did get paid to blog other than the big news organizations or those connected to some media entity.  After I was laid off and promo jobs were scarce, I discovered that one could make money by blogging.  “Wow,”  I thought somewhat big-headedly, this would be a no-brainer for moi.  I mean with my experience and skills, I could just knock this blogging baby out of the park and take home the big bucks before I hit home plate.  So as I explored the business of blogging, I’ve since found out, how bloggers are re-numerated for their services, is a tangled web of coupons, giveaways, sponsorships as well as pay for play maze.  There is no set “standard” to charge for your services, no day rate, per word rate, and even a per click rate may not accurately reflect the blood, sweat and number of characters one puts into their efforts.  I am still trying to figure this out as I have begun the process of “monetizing” my blog and my Web TV show on    What’s more,  how can there be pay parity among bloggers or even rate card developed in a system where people are not properly valuing their talent and influence and once again, they are giving it away for free.

Jessica’s words sparked the memory of what my mother used to repeat to me over and over again – “Marla, why would boys buy the cow, if the milk is free?” As a young girl, I didn’t know what she was talking about,  as a teenager, during the era of free-love,  I really didn’t care.  Like most things, I eventually found out the hard way that mother is always right. Boys used the easy girls and the ones who played hard to get, always landed the guy.

So heed the words of “Mother” Jessica….stop giving your content away for free! Our livelihoods depend on it!

[youtube _9TsmWZLxu0 445 364]

Mid-Life Crisis or Just Plain Crazy!

Are you going through a Mid-Life Crisis or are life’s circumstances just making you go crazy or do you just want to cut loose from those ties that bind and get a little bit crazy (thanks to Seal for the proper prose)?

Whether you’re a women going through menopause with  hormonal shifts making you crazy or a man trying to deal with his own feelings of lost youth, this syndrome has been the topic medical journals  and tawdry tabloid scandals.

Do all men and women need to break free with affairs, fast cars and wild lifestyles? Or has mother-nature actually built in our need for a last hurrah?

What’s your take on mid-life crises and how did you handle your own?

Date Night or How I Learned to Kinect with my Son-Pt. 2

Xbox 360 Kinect