Mingle Media TV Network to Air New Baby Boomer LIVE Web TV Talk Show Series: Life After Kids

Life After Kids New Mingle Media TV Show for Baby Boomers

Life After Kids New Mingle Media TV Show for Baby Boomers


PRLog (Press Release)Jun 13, 2010 – Mingle Media TV, is pleased to announce that beginning June 13, 2010 they will be broadcasting a new, live streaming video web TV chat show entitled Life After Kids, from award winning writer/producer Marla Schulman. Life After Kids will air LIVE on Sunday evenings at 9 PM EST on the social web TV network, while simulcasting LIVE on the iPhone, Android and other smart phones and automatically archived for replay on-demand.

Award-winning writer/producer, Marla Schulman, steps out from behind her blog, Life After Kids, and in front of the webcam on Mingle Media TV Network. Known for sharing the pains and promise of her life as an empty-nester, her goal is to create a community of parents who are getting ready to or going through the same stage of life. Schulman believes “Life After Kids“ is a time to re-ignite your dreams and passions, and from time to time guest experts will offer their insight to help you rev up your engines in your home-life, career, finances, health, fitness routine, fashion, beauty, entertainment and travel.

“Marla brings the voice of the empty-nester who still has a lot of living to do to life on MMTVN,” says Stephanie Piche, founder and CEO of Mingle Media TV. “Her ability to connect and inspire other Boomers with topics from health to finance and finding your bliss will be a huge draw to this growing demographic  online.”

Watch “Life After Kids TV” live every Sunday evening at 9PM EDT /6PM PDT at, to view the show and chat live with Marla and the other members in the audience via text and video chat. To find out more about “Life After Kids” and Marla visit her site at

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MMTVN will be Broadcasting a New Web TV Series by Award-Winning Writer/Producer Marla Schulman Focused on Empty-Nesters and Living Life After Kids