Starting a Yoga Practice – Life After Kids Show 5/19/11

Elinore Cohen doing GarudasanaHow exciting it was to have Elinore Cohen of Urban Lily Yoga take me through some very gentle yet stimulating poses to get my body temple back on track, bad back and all!

If you missed the show, here’s our gift to you…you can replay this show and practice along with us, again and again! But, remember if you are coming back from an injury or have other health concerns, please consult your doctor or other medical care professional!

Happy practicing!

Special Replay: Life After Kids From Pourtal Wine Bar 5/8/11

Due to technical difficulties and illness I have not been able to do my show live. Instead, enjoy another viewing of my birthday show from one of my absolute favorite places to sip some vino, Pourtal Wine Bar in Santa Monica, with my special guest, beauty and lifestyle guru, Michael Maron – who just launched his new website and blog: Michael Maron Beauty!

Pourtal Wine Bar, Santa MonicaThanks again to Pourtal’s owner, Steven Abronson for his generous hospitality and for making my birthday and broadcast very special for me, my guests and my audience. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, why not stop by Pourtal – it’s amazing location – one block for the beach and its unique wines make it a must visit…and don’t forget to tell Steve I sent you!

I promise to be back next week with a very special guest, Linda Rheinstein, Founder of Wait until you hear about her fight to save lives one “doggie bag” at a time…which also includes her fight against cancer!

Life After Kids TV Show is Back!

Life After Kids You’re cordially invited to join me for Season 2 of  my show “Life After Kids” or what I affectionately call it: The Adventures of Mid-life Empty-Nester – Now at its NEW DAY & TIME-Tonight, Thursdays February 3rd at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific on Mingle Media TV.

Having kids is not a requirement to check in on a hour of conversation about life, love, fashion, travel and wine! At this stage of life, we’ve all are living life after something-divorce, death, downsizing or…? Let’s share some time to chat, share our stories  and to be inspired to “follow your bliss” and make the second act the best one ever!

To chat with me and my guests, please get a FREE Stickam account before the show and please tell your family and friends!  BTW, I would really grateful if you took a moment to become a fan on my Facebook page!

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to see you all tonight!

“Dating in the Middle Ages” Star Devin Mills Life After Kids TV 11/20/10

Creator/Star of "Dating in the Middle Ages"A thoroughly delightful hour with an even more delightful star and creator of “Dating in the Middle Ages” a funny and heartwarming look at what it’s like to jump back in the dating pool at midlife when the water’s a bit cold.

Dating in the Middle Ages – LAKtv 11.20.10

Creator and Star of Dating in the Middle Ages
Devin Mills will be my special guest for the entire hour of Life After Kids, Sunday Novermber 20th at 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific Time.

So join us to find out more about this delightfully irreverent but relevant show that’s been called “Sex in the City” meets “Glee.” How to watch: go to and sign up for a free account so you can chat with us live – make sure you clear your cache and cookies and then clik here to sign in on show time! Any questions/troubleshooting will be on that page.

Also please check out is Mingle Media TV’s coverage of the star-studded premiere!

Merci San Francisco

San Francisco Golden Gate BridgeIt’s really hard to believe that I have been in San Francisco for over two weeks and I am getting ready to leave. My heart is heavy because it knows I am leaving it behind, but I must attend to more business in Los Angeles and process what new business and life is about to come my way.

These past two weeks, feels like a lifetime, but a very new, vital and good one at that. I packed a lot of living and wine into the past days and here’s a brief recap and thank you to those who made this trip a very memorable one.

Welcome to St. SuperyI came up here for business (which went well), but it was all about the connections and heart that mattered the most. I was able to see old friends, , met some really cool new people, attended Jeff Pulver’s #140Conference and cocktail party (thanks, Jeff!), met a real Cowboy who uses an iPhone & does an has an #AGchat on Twitter (thank you Jeff Fowle), got squeezed into Bloggy Boot Camp (thank you Tiffany Romero & SITS girls), stumbled through my first remote webcast (thanks to Cellars of Sonoma, Scott and Mike), Left My Heart in San Franciscosize-thumbnail wp-image-881″ />tasted wine at WinterHawk Winery, Everett Ridge Winery, St. Supery (thank you Rick Bakas), attended my first Napa Facebook Meetup (thank you Andrew Healy and Terra Valentine Winery), meet a cool chick who makes the number one iPhone app about wine NirVino (thanks Meli J.), attended Ubergizmo’s Digital Summer Fashion Show Event (Thank you Eliane Fiolet), visited with a friend who is an angel taking care of her ailing father to give her some support, met up with the love of my life to offer my support and most of all was embraced and in the company of a woman who’s outer beauty is only eclipsed by her inner light (Merci ma cherie Catherine!). Thank you all mentioned and for making this trip a perfect start of my YEAR of BLISS. If this is the way my year is getting started, I can’t imagine what’s in store for me over the next 11 months.  Bring it on….I am ready!

And so as I get ready to load up the rental car to drive back to the city of Angels (because I have too much wine to transport via airplane, of course!) I say au revoir and a bientot to the city of Angels I have left behind!The New Mariposa
San Francisco I came to you wrapped in a cocoon, I leave you a butterfly ready to take flight! Thank you, merci, gracias! I will be back soon…very soon!

In the Flow Thank You Liz Strauss!

Woke up later than I wanted to this morning. but I was dog-tired last night.  Every cell in my body ached.  Stress even if it’s good stress  still took its toll.  I was really amped up to be doing yesterday’s Life After Kids live broadcast on location so I needed more winks and a double dose of ibruprofen to recover.

After my morning toilette, I took off north, back to Santa Rosa. On the way there, I thought of how things went yesterday show.  Really great. Oops. I hadn’t done my post-show blog post yet. Not great, but not  sweating it.   It’s officially Day 2 of my Year of Bliss and for the next 364 days and beyond, I am committed to living in a world where’s there are no rules, no right or wrong – just want to be in the flow.

Next a stop at a corner cafe, Jackson’s Bar and Oven on Railroad Square, Santa Rosa for a cup of coffee, a plate of to die for focaccia bread, to write a post and to figure out which of the Sonoma wineries suggested by my pals at Cellars of Sonoma.  So many great wineries – so little time – but excited I will be checking off another item on my Bliss List!

As I savored the moment quiet empowerment I felt about starting this journey in earnest, my mind flashback to a time two years ago, when I first met my dear friend and mentor, Liz Strauss. Though we just met the day before, our bond was solidified over the six hours we spent in a NYC bookstore.  So much transpired in that time but what I remembered most about that glorious day, was how she genuinely cared to listen and offer some amazing ideas.  How blessed I was, CEO’s pay beaucoup bucks for an hour of her time and here I was, for six hours, chatting and going through the shelves  That day she introduced me to a variety of books that she thought would assist me as I searched for goals and meaning to the next chapter of my life.  Radical Leap and Radical Edge by Steven Farber were the two that I read right away and have since given away to others who I felt needed to read them.

One of the other, more fascinating ones was on the concept of optimal psychology,  Flow by  Mihaly Csikszentmihaly.  Forget that one could barely pronounce his name, as I glanced through it didn’t look like an “easy” read and it’s become one of those books gathering dust under my nightstand fraught with good intentions. But now judgment needed anymore because right now, in the flow in a rose-scented cafe in Santa Rosa, I think about that day, two years ago and the rough journey that brought me to now. I realize now I finally am so ready to dive into the book and live my entire life in the flow! Thank you, Liz Strauss for being one of those very special people that have been blessed to meet who have given of themselves so others can be more of themselves.

Add Flow to my Bliss List – check!

Add caffeine & carbs – check!

Start day 2 of the Adventures of a Mid-life, Empty-nested, Baby-boomer – check!

Always in Gratitude for people like Liz who flow into your life – check, check, check…..

Following Your Bliss

Follow Your BlissJoseph Campbell’s famous phrase “follow your bliss” has become my personal mantra to remind me that I want to live a life of self-fulfillment and joy.

Do you follow your bliss? With all the extra time on you have now that you don’t have soccer games or homework help duty or extra clothes to wash, there is no excuse not to spend that time on yourself doing something positive and life-affirming.

Many years ago, I learned how to country-western dance and I went from having two-left feet to competing in amateur contests. For several years, it was one of the most “blissful” times of my life, but unfortunately cut short by the disappearance of places to dance, a new job and in the past few year, a very bad back.

Since then I have found other ways to spend my free time and follow my bliss.  Come join me and to get up and dance like no one is watching  no matter how you choose to follow YOUR bliss! Just do it!

Don’t you want to re-ignite your passion for living? It’s really easy and and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  Instead of a bucket list, which conjurs up negative images,  I’ve decided to call it my “bliss list” – things I want to do while I am still healthy and able!

So why not start a list and share it with all of us!

Mid-Life Crisis or Just Plain Crazy!

Are you going through a Mid-Life Crisis or are life’s circumstances just making you go crazy or do you just want to cut loose from those ties that bind and get a little bit crazy (thanks to Seal for the proper prose)?

Whether you’re a women going through menopause with  hormonal shifts making you crazy or a man trying to deal with his own feelings of lost youth, this syndrome has been the topic medical journals  and tawdry tabloid scandals.

Do all men and women need to break free with affairs, fast cars and wild lifestyles? Or has mother-nature actually built in our need for a last hurrah?

What’s your take on mid-life crises and how did you handle your own?