Midlife Makeover Magic with Makeup & Beauty Expert Alice Atakhanian

Beyond Beauty OwnerIf you want some fabulous ideas on how to do your own, affordable midlife makeover, then you must watch this show! Beauty expert, Alice Atakhanian, offers some unique and affordable tips are really easy to follow.  I visited her at her new salon, Beyond Beauty, in Glendale, California where she turned my plain mid-life crisis worn face into a work of art!

What was even more exciting was Alice’s three makeup must-haves are inexpensive and can be found at most local drugstore chains, like CVS.

Ponds MoisturizerThe first product she used was Pond’s Moisturizer, which I found to be very rich and creamy without being oily or leaving a residue. The second great product to use, was L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara, which I had bought recently to try  and really liked it so it was great to see a true professional uses it.  And lastly, was absolutely my favorite new makeup find – NYX Pencils. I couldn’t believe how easy to apply these eyeliner pencils were, they were firm enough to draw a straight line but soft enough that they didn’t pull on my skin when applied.  Also, the pigments are rich and they come in what seems to be a zillion colors and at about $7.00 each,  they are better than some of the higher priced pencils I’ve used in the past.

Then when you save money on products you use daily, you can put what you’re saving towards some very good makeup brushes, which Alice says are a must, not a splurge.

For more tips and to see my transformation from drab to fab, watch this Life After Kids episode and see why I call Alice, a true makeover magician!

Starting a Yoga Practice – Life After Kids Show 5/19/11

Elinore Cohen doing GarudasanaHow exciting it was to have Elinore Cohen of Urban Lily Yoga take me through some very gentle yet stimulating poses to get my body temple back on track, bad back and all!

If you missed the show, here’s our gift to you…you can replay this show and practice along with us, again and again! But, remember if you are coming back from an injury or have other health concerns, please consult your doctor or other medical care professional!

Happy practicing!

Life After Kids TV – Going Green with Chevy Volt

With gasoline prices going through the roof, not only am a I mad as hell and don’t want to take it anymore but  I have been seriously looking into alternatives to cars that do not rely on gasoline.  Living in Southern California, like many other places around the country, we are suffer with the lack of a well-connected and therefore underutilized public transportation system.

I would welcome in a heartbeat, the opportunity to abandon my automobile  to get me where I need to go.  As a New Yorker, I grew up using public transportation and it was efficient and economical. But now as along-time resident of SoCal, I often wax nostalgic about those times when I could  hop a bus or train, sit in traffic for an hour all the while catching up on my reading or writing.  I long for the days without hefty insurance premiums and fill-ups that cost less than the GNP of a small nation. But that day looks like it may not ever come, so instead I am in the market for the next best thing – a really good green machine and Chevy Volt may be the one.

For most Prius has been the sweetheart story of those who those who want to drive green.  However, I had heard that Chevrolet was planning the Volt for almost 5 years and want  to enter this market with marketplace with a big bang.  From what I have been reading,  Chevy seem to have gotten it right with it’s Volt.  On paper it appears to hit all the right notes with consumers — with its longer driving distance, family-sized styling and leather seats among its many selling points plus another great one – it’s made in America.  How refreshing…it’s made in America!

Okay I am going off on a rant again, but with our economy in the sh*tter, I think it’s incumbent upon us to support American companies that are keeping America working.  The car industry and Chevrolet are part of the fabric of our history and growth and the fact that they have committed themselves to creating a vehicle that are conserves energy, while preserving our environment is making me a fan before I even get behind the wheel.

Okay I am done.  How about a rave?  Will it live up to the hype? Well I want to know…is it a good car?  .  How does it handle? How do I feel behind the wheel?  How will I look driving it?   Inquiring minds, like moi, want to know!

On tonight’s “Life After Kids” all these answers and more will be revealed.

Also, before you think, Chevrolet is paying me to write this, I assure you they are not.   But what they are doing is giving me access to drive one of the dozen or so Chevy Volts lining the streets outside the Austin Convention Center while I am here attending South by Southwest (Chevy is one of the main sponsors of the conference).   How cool is that?  Not only do I get to see if they truly put their money where their car is and assess its drivability, comfort and features, I am going to do my show LIVE from inside a Chevy Volt joined by Rob Peterson from Chevrolet.  Way Cool.

So please tune in tonight at 8 pm E / 7pm C or 5 pm Pacific for this very special edition of “Life After Kids” LIVE from Austin Texas.  See you then!

More about the Volt from Chevrolet’s own website:

  • 2011 North American Car of the Year
  • Motor Trend 2011 Car of the Year
  • Green Car Journal 2011 Green Car of the Year
  • Car and Driver 10 Best for 2011
  • Ward’s AutoWorld 10 Best Engines for 2011
  • AUTOMOBILE Magazine 2011 Automobile of the Year
  • 2010 Breakthrough Technology, by Popular Mechanics

The Volt is an electric vehicle that offers a total driving range of up to 379 miles, based on EPA estimates. For the first 35 miles, the Volt can drive gas- and tailpipe-emissions-free using a full charge of electricity stored in its 16-kWh lithium-ion battery. When the Volt’s battery runs low, a gas-powered engine/generator seamlessly operates to extend the driving range another 344 miles on a full tank.

Life After Kids 2/24/11 Teri Thompson & Jen Friel

Life After Kids is thrilled to welcome, a true social media expert and longtime friend of mine, Teri Thompson, who co-authored  (with Beverly Macy) the recent release ,”The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing.”

Teri and I met when we both worked in broadcast television in the creative advertising and promotion departments of the major TV networks.  In fact, we worked together several times during our 20 plus year careers in that business and I know her to be a fabulous colleague and wonderful friend.

A few years ago, like many of us, Teri had to “re-invent” herself in order to stay employable in this downsized economy and her story of what she’s doing now is an inspiring testament to the power of reinvention at any stage of life

Then,  Jen Friel, from the very popular blog and soon to be major television series Talk Nerdy to Me Lover will be dropping in to discuss her year of homelessness, the power of faith, and our exciting plans for this coming Sunday covering the Oscar red-carpet at “The Night of 100 Stars” (the official 2011 Academy Awards viewing party at the Beverly Hills Hotel), with fellow vlogger, Zennie Abraham of Zennie62.com.

If you don’t know who Jen is, you must find out! This amazing young woman with a bright personality and infectious laugh to match, is wise beyond her years.  And, even though she is far from entering mid-life or a life with or without kids, you’ll be inspired by her stories of reinvention!  Plus, you must hear  about her 30 day “BJ” diet…I guarantee it’s a story  you won’t want to miss.

So catch this all on Thursday at 8p ET/5p PT, February 28th on MingleMediaTV and if you miss the live webcast I will be posting the show later for your viewing pleasure.

2011 Academy Awards Coverage

Well my friends and loyal readers, I must say the bliss just keeps on coming!  While I may never win an Oscar (r) for any of my projects, “just getting nominated”  to cover all the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood’s biggest night may just be the next best thing.

Thanks to fellow journalist and vlogger, Zenophon Abraham of Zennie62.com, from Northern California, I will be reporting on the 83rd Academy Awards with him for the San Francisco Chronicle and Seattle Post Intelligencer. What’s more,  he’s invited the chic-est geek of them all, Jen Friel of TalkNerdytoMeLover.com fame to round out our very eclectic group of reporters.  So we’ll be bringing you some one-of-a-kind stories from behind the scenes, off the beaten path and the sidelines of the “Superbowl” of awards shows.

Plus, there are so many activities happening this week, leading up to the big day (Sunday February 27th) and we are planning to bring you some of those festivities.  On game day, we’ve been invited to the Night of the 100 Stars official viewing party at the world-famous Beverly Hilton Hotel and expect some fabulous interviews with “A-listers” who just happen not to be nominated this year.

What you may not know is that those who cover and attend this event must wear formal attire, so Chogury Couture has graciously offered to deck this reporter out in its finest and Lala Castro of SparklesForever.com will be lending Jen Friel and I our me bling for the evening.

But my favorite and most necessary accessory comes via  Sukjhit Ghag, Blogger & Social Media Evangelist at Sony Electronics.  Several weeks ago, and without knowing my plans to cover the Oscars, she sent the sleek, sexy and very portable  Bloggie Touch MP4 Camera to test out.  No heavy camera equipment for this lady journalist –  just the evening-purse-sized Bloggie and my “old” faithful Zi8 Kodak gave me almost 2 years ago, will be strutting their stuff on the runways of Hollywood over the coming days. Then, when the dust has settled from this week, I will be reviewing these video cameras as well.

So check back often and tell your friends…

Life After Kids TV – 2/8/11- Being Your Own Boss

On the next “Life After Kids with Marla Schulman,” meet an accomplished business woman, “solopreneur” and a wonderful woman I am happy to call a friend, Rebecca Quinn.  She’ll be discussing life after working for a big corporation, how to become a solopreneur and offer you some insight as to the joys & pitfalls of being your own boss!

Also, she’ll be giving you some great tips on starting over, networking and how you can find new clients ! So tune in to Life After Kids tonight @8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific!

Here’s the Link to the Live Show  And don’t forget to get your free Stickam.com account so you can log in & chat with us LIVE !

Chatting with Tia Carrere

Life After Kids interviews Tia CarrereOn October 8, 2010, I was “following my bliss” as guest correspondent for MingleMediaTV at the The 10th Annual Malibu Family Wines Harvest and Crush Event benefiting City Hearts Organization-providing arts education to thousands of Los Angeles’ inner-city youth.

The event took place at the magnificent 1000 plus acre Saddle Rock Ranch, owned by winemaker and philanthropist, Robert Semler.  The event featured wine tastings from Semler’s signature and Saddle Rock wines, delectable dishes from local restaurants, luxury auctions, a foot spa, and a special tribute from “25 Artists Creating 25 Heart-themed Pieces to Celebrate 25 Years of City Hearts.” It was well-attended and everyone had a great time!

Here’s my chat with actress, Grammy award-winning recording artist and producer,  Tia Carrere about why she lent her support to this fabulous event and what she’s up to now.

Life After Kids Interviews Tia Carrere

To Cut or Not to Cut – An Interview with Dr. Lawrence Koplin

www.drkoplin.comMy interview with plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Koplin who was lending his support to the Malibu Family Wines Crush and Harvest Event benefiting City Hearts.Org on October 8th.

What he had to say about arts education and why its an important facet of all children’s growth and development, his views on extreme plastic surgery and why the late Dr. Frank Ryan should not be known as the man who “created” Heidi Montag, but a man who was first and foremost, a caring philanthropist who changed and saved the lives of so many in need.

In the Flow Thank You Liz Strauss!

Woke up later than I wanted to this morning. but I was dog-tired last night.  Every cell in my body ached.  Stress even if it’s good stress  still took its toll.  I was really amped up to be doing yesterday’s Life After Kids live broadcast on location so I needed more winks and a double dose of ibruprofen to recover.

After my morning toilette, I took off north, back to Santa Rosa. On the way there, I thought of how things went yesterday show.  Really great. Oops. I hadn’t done my post-show blog post yet. Not great, but not  sweating it.   It’s officially Day 2 of my Year of Bliss and for the next 364 days and beyond, I am committed to living in a world where’s there are no rules, no right or wrong – just want to be in the flow.

Next a stop at a corner cafe, Jackson’s Bar and Oven on Railroad Square, Santa Rosa for a cup of coffee, a plate of to die for focaccia bread, to write a post and to figure out which of the Sonoma wineries suggested by my pals at Cellars of Sonoma.  So many great wineries – so little time – but excited I will be checking off another item on my Bliss List!

As I savored the moment quiet empowerment I felt about starting this journey in earnest, my mind flashback to a time two years ago, when I first met my dear friend and mentor, Liz Strauss. Though we just met the day before, our bond was solidified over the six hours we spent in a NYC bookstore.  So much transpired in that time but what I remembered most about that glorious day, was how she genuinely cared to listen and offer some amazing ideas.  How blessed I was, CEO’s pay beaucoup bucks for an hour of her time and here I was, for six hours, chatting and going through the shelves  That day she introduced me to a variety of books that she thought would assist me as I searched for goals and meaning to the next chapter of my life.  Radical Leap and Radical Edge by Steven Farber were the two that I read right away and have since given away to others who I felt needed to read them.

One of the other, more fascinating ones was on the concept of optimal psychology,  Flow by  Mihaly Csikszentmihaly.  Forget that one could barely pronounce his name, as I glanced through it didn’t look like an “easy” read and it’s become one of those books gathering dust under my nightstand fraught with good intentions. But now judgment needed anymore because right now, in the flow in a rose-scented cafe in Santa Rosa, I think about that day, two years ago and the rough journey that brought me to now. I realize now I finally am so ready to dive into the book and live my entire life in the flow! Thank you, Liz Strauss for being one of those very special people that have been blessed to meet who have given of themselves so others can be more of themselves.

Add Flow to my Bliss List – check!

Add caffeine & carbs – check!

Start day 2 of the Adventures of a Mid-life, Empty-nested, Baby-boomer – check!

Always in Gratitude for people like Liz who flow into your life – check, check, check…..

Our Year Of Bliss-Starts Now!

Life After Kids Bliss ListRob Reiner’s 2007 film, “Bucket List” is about the unlikely friendship between two men of different walks of life who meet while hospitalized suffering from terminal cancer. The plot, while somewhat predictable, captured the hearts of many (myself included) as these two journey to complete their bucket list. It also didn’t hurt that the roles were played by two of the greatest actors of our time, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, Jr. who start with the more juvenile pursuits of  skydiving and racing fast cars but who end up finding out what is most important to each – the things that money cannot buy – the bonds of friendship and the infinite worth of familial love. I admit I cried at the end of the film and I do each time it’s repeated on cable, which has been often lately.  And, the ultimate of message of the film, is summed up in one of my favorite quotes from Les Brown, “Life’s too short, eat the dessert first.” So the film’s “bucket list” has now become part of our popular culture and has prompted many of us mid-lifers to begin thinking about what it means to be facing the second half of our lives and how we intend to spend our time.

My mother passed away when she was only forty-six years old, and when I reached that age, her death hit me so much harder than it did when it happened over twenty plus years ago. She was beautiful, full of life and way too young to die. I realized then how “young” she really was and what she didn’t get to do with the years she didn’t have. I believe that much of my spirit and drive in my life comes from that deep seated knowledge of how fragile and fleeting life really is. The past two years of my life have been fraught with great challenges and transitions but recently I’ve been overcome by the feeling something huge is around the corner and it has to do with “following my bliss.” Or, maybe my mom’s up there behind the steering wheel?

How do you follow your bliss? Frankly, I find the term “bucket list” – probably derived from the slang expression to kick the bucket – isn’t as elegant or inspiring. So make a BLISS LIST! I challenge you to find just twelve things you’ve never done before and always wanted to do and do at least one of those things every month for the next year. It could be as simple as reading the long novel you’ve always wanted to get to, but didn’t, learning a new skill or taking a class, to visiting relatives or taking a trip to some faraway and exotic place.

The choices are endless and the choices are yours. The most important thing is to start your list, as many life-coaches say, once you commit your intentions to writing you can make anything you want happen. So you’re already logged on if you are reading this or if you prefer to start with a pen and paper and just do it!Need help? Support? Ideas? My MingleMediaTV Network “sisters” Gabbin’ Gal Nan & Gabbin’ Gal Erin (on MMTV Thursdays at 10 pm ET/7 pm PT) have decided to join me on this journey and we three have committed to support each other and all of our loyal fans and Mingle Media TV audience.

So I’ve taken the first step below, now it’s your turn.  Please post your list (even if you don’t have 12 items yet), questions or need for support here and let’s us begin A Year of Bliss!