iDoggieBag…Do You? Life After Kids 5/12/11

What does pet food from China, a cat bite and cancer have in common? Today’s guest, Linda Rheinstein, Founder of is going to connect the dots in her compelling story of survival.  Which begins like this:

“Have you had any recent trauma to the right side of your body?” It is September 6, 2007. I sit in an exam room at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, stunned. I have just been told that I have breast cancer. I look at the doctor and answer,  “Yes.”

That was only the beginning of a 5 year journey that Linda will be sharing with me today and she will also  tell us why she testified in front of the Food and Drug Administration just a few weeks ago, what the “Nipper Alert is” and what she hopes to accomplish with her cause!

So if you didn’t tune in tonight here’s another chance to hear Linda’s amazing journey.